Savor San Mateo, California

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Savor San Mateo
By Hilarie Larson


Travel, food and wine writer Hilarie Larson discusses her recent visit to San Mateo County and Silicon Valley in San Francisco’s Bay Area, on Big Blend Radio.


San Francisco is one of the world’s top destinations and a must-visit city.  But if you’ve already heard the ‘clang-clang’ of the cable cars why not put a new spin on your next Bay area visit. Stick a little closer to the International Airport and explore the incredible options of San Mateo and Silicon Valley.

Long before the small towns of this region became a hotbed of technological enterprise, they were the preferred location for the summer homes of wealthy and influential San Franciscans.  Today, this beautiful peninsula is filled with heritage estates, museums, parks, innovative cuisine, local brews and more.

San Mateo is really two regions in one: there’s the Bay side, with the historic towns of Burlingame, San Mateo and Palo Alto, where small-town charm meets high-tech innovation.  Then, there’s the Ocean side. Here the beachy, small-town vibe mixes with agriculture, fishing, surfing and Pacific vistas.  Tying it all together – hospitable, friendly people who really love their unique corner of the country and are more than happy to open their doors and share the bounty.

Listen to Hilarie’s Big Blend Radio interview about her San Mateo experience below, while piecing together the jigsaw puzzle. You can read her article featuring her must see and do list for San Mateo’s bay side and ocean side areas, in the winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine. Learn more at

Read about SAN MATEO in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine! 


Enjoy making our Goats at Harley Farms online jigsaw puzzle while you listen to the interview above. Use the full screen facility to make the puzzle larger and use your mouse or arrow keys to rotate the pieces. Click and drag on a piece to place it where you want it. The Ghost Icon creates a work space for you and the Image Icon places the image where you can easily refer to it.





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About the Author:

Hilarie Larson’s passion for wine began in the 1970’s while in the European hospitality industry. In 2003 she began her wine career in earnest in her native British Columbia, Canada, working at several Okanagan Valley wineries. Along the way, she acquired her certificate from the Court of Master Sommelier, worked for an international wine broker and as ‘Resident Sommelier’ for wineries in Washington State and California. Hilarie’s greatest joy is spreading the gospel of wine, food and travel. In addition to her blog, she contributes articles to a number of online publications. She was honored to be awarded the 2013 Emerging Writer Scholarship from the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association, for whom she is now the Administrative Director.

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