Showing Sincere Appreciation in the Workplace


This episode of Big Blend Radio’s SUCCESS EXPRESS Business & Career Show features author, professional coach, and organizational trainer Rita Sever who discusses Why and How to Show Sincere Appreciation in the Workplace. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.

Points of discussion include:

* Why and how does it matter that we express gratitude?       

* How does gratitude impact work?

* What role does a supervisor or leader have in showing appreciation, and how can they do that in a way that is authentic? 

* What does it mean to have a culture of gratitude, and how does that impact productivity and retention?   

Rita Sever is a regular expert guest on Big Blend Radio. She is the author of “SUPERVISION MATTERS: 100 Bite-sized Ideas to Transform You and Your Team,” and “LEADING FOR JUSTICE: Supervision, HR, and Culture.”  Learn more at


Leading for Justice - Rita Sever

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About the Author:

Rita Sever is a regular expert guest on Big Blend Radio.

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