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Big Blend Radio has been continuously featuring the music of Michael Ely and Spider Taylor, since Michael’s first Big Blend Radio interview in 2008, about their album ‘Iridescent Garden: Exotica Reinvented’. Not only did they create the music and do the voiceover work for a number of Big Blend Radio’s show introductions, they have co-hosted numerous shows over the years and participated in Big Blend Radio plays.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Michael and Spider were professional musicians that performed, composed and produced music for over 35 years. They spent decades in the music industry, redefining and redesigning the worlds of rock, pop and glam, creating three iconic Los Angeles bands in the process, Hey Taxi!, Red Wedding and Glass. Seventeen years after Glass, they began recording lush and exotic instrumental music and began composing film scores and soundtracks. Sadly, after almost 43 years together, Spider was taken by cancer on May 21st, 2015. Learn more at


Today, Michael is the front man, vocalist and songwriter for The Elegant Rabies psychedelic rock band, which is made up of Ryan Hingorani on guitar, Kevin Conklin on bass, and Justin Tornberg. Keep up with the band at You can also follow Michael’s Blog “My Life On Parade” at

Big Blend Radio continues to play Michael and Spider’s music with some tracks being featured in Big Blend video productions.

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