SipLOKI Wins in Flavor and Fun


Compiled by Lisa D. Smith & Nancy J. Reid


It was a gorgeous day after the gloomy and windy weather Tropical Storm Ian bombarded us with. The sun was warming up the land and the trees were showing off the first of their vibrant fall colors. We had just published and released the inaugural issue of our new Big Blend “Success Express” Magazine, and we were ready for our traditional celebratory sip. But this time, we traded our usual glass of bubbly for LOKI, a non-alcoholic seltzer enhanced with Delta-8 THC cannabis. This was a first for us, and we were curious about the experience.

Their new Lavender Peach flavor is lightly fragrant, refreshing, and easy to sip and relax with. We took in the beautiful farm surroundings while chatting and laughing, as we usually do. Did we feel a buzz? Yes. We both felt a light and glowing sensation, and when we poured our second one, we got a little more of a giggly vibe. We did however keep our verbal and mental faculties, and a big thumbs up in our book, is the boost of creativity we experienced while discussing new projects. We got some great ideas out of our LOKI time, and most importantly, had fun!

Another highlight is that LOKI’s five-ingredient formula contains only five calories, zero sugar, and zero carbs. It’s a winner in our books, and now we want to try the Blackberry Lemon flavor!

LOKI’s the result of Harij Singh, Rikin Patel and Ashish Joseph’s shared passion and work. Applying their vast knowledge in business and love for the creative industry, they developed SipLOKI to fuse their artistic interest with their acumen for enterprise. With Singh’s leadership, their team is eager to prep LOKI to be the go-to can for the beverage and cannabis industry.

SipLOKI was aptly launched on National Cannabis Day, 4/20 of 2021, and is now available in over 300+ locations across the country. Find a location near you or shop online here:

Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith are the mother-daughter duo who publish Big Blend Magazines, host Big Blend Radio, and travel full time on the Love Your Parks Tour.

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