Spontuneous – The Song Game


Have you ever heard a word that “triggered” you to sing a song? If so, then YOU are Spontuneous®!  As featured in the winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, Spontuneous is a multiple award-winning and Amazon bestselling, fun family board game where everyone participates by singing – though talent is not required. One player says a word and the race is on for the others to sing a song containing that word. The last player to sing their song that contains that word before time runs out wins the point. See www.SongGame.com.

See Spontuneous in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine!    


Rob Ridgeway, creator of the award-winning and best-selling board game, Spontuneous ‘The Song Game’, catches up with Big Blend Radio and talks about his move to Nashville, where he has sponsored numerous shows, concerts and non-profit fundraising events. 




Song Game -Spontuneous

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