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By Linda Kissam, “Food, Wine & Shopping Diva”


Have you ever been to a Starbucks Reserve Roastery? Although I have been to a bazillion Starbucks stores across the world, the Starbucks Reserve™ Roastery in Seattle is quite the find. It is the original of the 6 now available to visit. According to Starbucks, “The Roasteries are “theatrical, experiential shrines to coffee passion.”

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The first Starbucks Reserve Roastery was opened in December 2014 in Seattle’s lively Capitol Hill neighborhood. It is an immersive expression of a worldwide company that has a passion for coffee. It is located just nine blocks from the original Starbucks Pike Place store. Here guests taste the results of master roasters, mixologists, and baristas all working together to create flavorful, often unexpectedly artful expressions of coffee from rare, single-origin coffees. Every single Starbucks Reserve coffee is roasted in one of the Roastery venues.

The Seattle Roastery is a cavernous, busy, chaotically tasteful place where anyone can come for a cup of coffee, an expanded food menu including pizza, fresh-baked bread, various cakes, pastry souvenirs, tours, and coffee tastings. First impressions are almost sensory overload. The Roastery is huge. Roasting is the showpiece, taking place with the custom-designed pneumatic tubes that usher the beans through the building.

The Main Bar is set to provide the perfect drink. Pull up a seat at the main bar and enjoy a brewed coffee or espresso drink made with their rarest, freshest coffee beans. The bar itself is a work of art, manufactured and handcrafted in New York of solid teak and stone marble. A beautiful spot to stop, sip and savor …if you can find a spot. Be patient, come early.

Be sure to visit the Scooping Bar to consult with a Coffee Master to help choose which Starbucks Reserve coffee suits your taste. Then take home a freshly scooped bag. It’s marvelous fun and something unique to Roasteries.

  • A bustling destination
    A bustling destination

I was there to be part of a coffee tasting at the Experience Bar. The Experience Bar offers engaging events and tastings for those looking to deepen their love for coffee. The cost for my tasting was $65. This bar is located way in the back of the store. You’ll need to weave your way through the big thirsty crowds At this bar, something fun and tasty happens in the theater of mixology. Six of us delved deep into the sensory experience for an hour through exploratory brew methods and origin-driven storytelling. Each coffee was paired with a selection of carefully chosen bakery items.

Among our tastings was Americano Con Crema. Fun and informative to see how this drink is constructed. The Single Origin Cold Brew Float is generally only available at the Roastery. The Shakerato Bianco was good and was shaken up like a cocktail drink. I forgot to tell my husband not to drink all the different espresso drinks as he would be lit up like a lighthouse for the rest of the day. He did…and was…that’s an oops on my part…but something to remember for when you go. The event ended with each participant awarded a commemorative bag of hand-selected Reserve coffee to enjoy at home.

These amazing Roastery destinations are nothing I’ve experienced before. Next time you are in Seattle, Shanghai, Milano, New York, Chicago, or Tokyo, book a tasting and indulge your inner coffee geek. Tastings are booked online and change often.

Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’ is a professional travel, food, and wine writer who specializes in easy, breezy destination stories sharing her favorite things about the places she visits. Visit



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Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’ is a professional travel, food, and wine writer who specializes in easy, breezy destination stories sharing her favorite things about the places she visits.

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