State of The Unity



On Big Blend Radio: Music duo Jillian Speece and Nathaniel Hoff, The Bergamot, discuss their award-winning documentary “State of The Unity” that’s out on digital release now! Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.

In 2016, Brooklyn-based band, The Bergamot embarked on a timely journey to perform in all 50 States while inviting people to sign their message of unity on their station wagon (known as The Unity Car). What ensued is a heartwarming tale of human perseverance, empathy and understanding during one of the most polarizing times in American history.


Is unity possible? This simple question launched the Brooklyn-based band The Bergamot on a quest to all 50 States to unite people with music, community, and collaboration. What began as a simple idea in the band’s touring vehicle, brought about a profound revelation. How do we reframe the way we perceive and understand unity? “For it is not a shared narrative of a future, but a narrative of a shared future, that can unite us together” says David Hooker Ph.D. How the duo connected people, with that exact vehicle they were sitting in, started a conversation that continues to this day. Join them in this timely 50,000-mile tour in human understanding, perseverance, and empathy that changed their lives forever.

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