Steffie Moonlady and Dennis Haklar: To The Universe


This episode of Big Blend Radio’s 4th Tuesday Big Blend Radio “Tree Talk” Show features musical duo Dennis Haklar and Steffie Moonlady. Hear songs and the discussion about their new album “To The Universe” that connects with trees and the natural world, and is an ethereal odyssey taking you to spiritually charged spaces. Watch here in the YouTube player or download/listen to the podcast on SoundCloud or Podbean.


Dreamscapes, soft yet strong, blended and distinguished; these are the realms created by this duo in their new work, “To the Universe.” Having worked together for over 25 years in the recording arts, they nurtured their sound. They have been honored to work with many legends, including Jon Anderson of Yes, Giovanni Hidalgo, Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, and many more.

Their latest release, “To the Universe,” offers sonic textures from instruments such as the Citera, indigenous rattles, and Tibetan Singing Bowls evoke an ancient vibe. Steffie Moonlady provides mesmerizing multi-layered vocals delicately blended within the dreamscape of guitars and synthesizers by Dennis.

Say Steffie Moonlady, “My music comes with pure intentions from within, to the universe, for peace, love, and harmony.”

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