Store It, Carry It & Stay In The Shade


Three Travel & Vacation Inspired Gifts & Gear for Families, Frequent Fliers & Beach Lovers

Toy Storage Boxes from KaiKai & Ash – Say hello to Rome, San Francisco, New York, Paris, New Orleans and beyond, with the City & Travel Collection of canvas toy storage boxes from KaiKai & Ash. These cute 13” applique boxes are a colorful way to decorate a child’s room while functional in clearing toys, games and clutter. What a fun way to teach kids about the different cities and landmarks around the world! There are other designs to choose from too, like unicorns, nursery animals, cupcakes and desserts.

Flightline Travel Totes – You’re on a long overseas flight and every time you want to grab one of those little necessities you’ve packed, you have to stand up and grab your carry-on from the overhead bin. Not fun! You want to be able to fit your tablet, phone, passport and personal care products into one small travel bag that can easily be reached from the comfort of your seat. Enter the sleek and slim Flightline Travel Tote, that when full, is equivalent to the size of a thick magazine, allowing it to fit in the seat-back pocket. And, for those mid-flight restroom breaks, just grab the Tote’s detachable bag, which even has a small strap you can use to hang the bag up to keep everything dry! Each Tote includes the eight Flightline Travel branded essentials: lip balm, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, eye shield, travel socks, brush/comb combo, and ear plugs. Flightline Travel Totes are available in a Sunbrella version in three colors, along with two vegan leather versions.

beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System – Have you ever had to chase your umbrella down the beach due to a wind gust deciding to swoop down and play “Mary Poppins” with it? It’s dangerous, and that’s exactly why beachBUB founder Bill Schermerhorn decided to reinvent the beach umbrella system. The beachBUB is the easiest and most-effective beach umbrella anchor on the market, and it’s been tested to perform in winds up to 35 MPH! The umbrella is anchored by filling the base with sand which works so well the beachBUB is endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association. It’s lightweight at just 10 pounds, easy to set up, and has a sun rating of 50+ UPF. The beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System includes: an umbrella, beachBUB Ultra Base, oversized carry bag, Sand Scoop Shovel, Towel Hook and Sand Gopher Tool to help you easily create an 8” deep hole in the sand for your umbrella pole. Base colors include yellow, blue and green.

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