SuperCamp U Virtual Youth Education Program



Focusing on e-learning, this episode of Big Blend Radio features Bobbi DePorter – Co-founder of SuperCamp and President of Quantum Learning Network, and Claude Mitchell – SuperCamp lead facilitator curriculum developer, and trainer. Hear about the new SuperCampU program, a live, virtual 4-week experience for students aged 9-18 created to combine the current needs of middle and high school students with SuperCamp’s 39 years of experience in facilitating academic and personal and now entrepreneurial success. With over  85,000+ student success stories, SuperCamp has held 7- to 10-day residential programs at top universities in the US and globally since 1982. With a focus on academic strategies, motivation, life skills, and leadership, students gain the skills necessary to succeed in our ever-changing society. With SuperCampU students will now be able to access our content from the comfort of their own homes with live connections and guidance from SuperCamp trained facilitators. More:

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