Suzanne Schiffman: Between a Rock and a Dark Place



Author Suzanne Schiffman joins Big Blend Radio to discuss the characters and mystery behind her propulsive, twisty new novel “Between a Rock and a Dark Place”. Featured music on this episode is “The Hills of West Virginia” from the Blind Lemon Pledge album, “Backwoods Glance”.

Daniel Perrault is a brash and glamorous French entrepreneur who thinks his intelligence, sophistication and style will bring culture to the backwater American countryside known as Wayne County.  He loves the bucolic forested landscape, but as soon as he gets there, he starts making enemies with pretty much everyone in this isolated, suspicious, clannish town. He is found murdered by the side of the road in a sleeping bag for anyone to find, and it seems Perrault has found a killer who is just as brash and bold as he.

The job of finding the assailant belongs to sheriff Spike Stryker. Was it his unpaid contractor, a bipolar chef, a bitter business woman, his teenage, bi-racial mistress, or his wife? Daniel lived his life ruffling feathers and not caring about the consequences, until someone struck back. An eclectic list of possible suspects, a fast-paced mystery and a riveting story behind the rise and fall of Daniel Perrault puts Schiffman’s compelling tale on the map of talented mystery writers like Louise Penny and Jo Nesbo.  

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