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Listen to the Big Blend Radio Happy Hour segment with the Tall Men Group and hear stories and songs from their third album, FEAST. Plus, Rob Ridgeway, creator of the board game Spontuneous ‘The Song Game’, joins in the conversation and challenges the Tall Men to play a round of the radio version of Spontuneous.

What happens when a six-pack of tall men meet every month for dinner and songwriting challenge? Musical magic that explodes with eloquent lyrics, distinctive melodies and lush harmonies. Based in Southern California, and founded by consummate musician, singer-songwriter and producer Jimmy Yessian (who also happens to be head chef), the Tall Men Group includes accomplished singer-songwriters and musicians Marty Axelrod, Severin Browne, Jeff Kossack, John Stowers, and Ed Tree.

Featuring another tasty collection of well crafted songs inspired by their monthly songwriting challenges, FEAST is the Tall Men Group’s third album, following ‘2 Tall’ and their debut album ’12 x 6’. From Jeff Kossack’s tender ‘L’ Amour’, Severin Browne’s poignant ‘Eggshells and Tears’ and Jimmy Yessian’s caressing ‘Baby Sleep’, to Marty Axelrod’s groovin’ ‘Grandma’, John Stowers’ rockin’ ‘When We Were Bad’ and Ed Tree’s boogalicious ‘Surf The Mississippi’, FEAST serves up a full course menu of deliciously sticky songs complete with soulful emotion and delectable harmonies. Get it on CD Baby https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tallmengroup3.

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