Ted DeGrazia Paints the Marketplace




Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview with Lance Laber, Executive Director of DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun in Tucson, about famous Arizona artist Ted DeGrazia’s work featured in the gallery’s new exhibit “El Mercado – DeGrazia Paints the Marketplace”. Paintings of the vendors, goods, and stalls of the public markets of old Mexico and Guatemala are featured in this new exhibit. This collection of paintings spans more than thirty years of Ted DeGrazia’s career, and reveals his enduring fascination with vendors and the marketplace.

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun is a 10-acre historic district in the foothills of Tucson, Arizona’s Santa Catalina Mountains. It was designed and built from the ground up by Ted DeGrazia who achieved worldwide acclaim for his colorful paintings of native cultures of the Sonoran desert. Using traditional adobe bricks crafted on-site, DeGrazia built the gallery so his paintings “would feel good inside”. Visit www.DeGrazia.org.

Listen to the interview with Lance Laber while you make our online jigsaw painting. Use the full screen icon to make it easier. Use your mouse roller or arrow keys to rotate the puzzle pieces and click and drag to put the pieces in place. Use the Image Icon to see the picture and the Ghost Icon to set your workspace.


DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

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