The Brutalists


Mick Cripps, founding LA Guns member, talks with Big Blend Radio about his new rock band The Brutalists, and their self-titled debut album.

THE BRUTALISTS are a new rock and roll group featuring founding L.A. GUNS member Mick Cripps and LONDON QUIREBOYS founder Nigel Mogg (nephew of UFO singer Phil Mogg). The group is rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Kent Holmes, bassist Robert Cripps and vocalist/drummer Charlie Nice. Mick Cripps discusses The Brutalists and their self-titled debut album that features a mix of their influences on Big Blend Radio.

THE BRUTALISTS’ music is a mix of their influences – the dirty, leering blues of pub rock and R&B, the urgency of street punk and the synthesized dance ennui of post-punk, seasoned with bits of ska and reggae. They perform regularly in downtown Los Angeles and throughout California.


THE BRUTALISTS signed to Cleopatra Records in November 2017 and will have their self-titled debut album out now on both CD and all streaming platforms, and in a special limited edition vinyl pressing with a silk-screened jacket! Visit

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