The Good for Nothin’ Band: Maniac World


New Album: “Maniac World”


On Big Blend Radio, New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Jon Roniger, frontman of The Good For Nothin’ Band, talks about the group’s performances and new album ‘Maniac World’ that fuses Dixieland Jazz with Gypsy Tales. 

The Good For Nothin’ Band is to the New Orleans music scene what Al Capone was to the Chicago Mafia, “The Enforcer of Wow ” the hot bang club, original, defying cultures, tastes, genres, and decor, sacrilege in all its perfection, a feast for the soul of wayfaring pilgrims searching for the Un-Holy Grail of seedy salvation. When in NOLA, seek out these degenerate scallawags and drink in the groove shadows of this notorious city of wonder as they bombard you with their infamous musical tales of the city of dreams. But in the meantime, their new album ‘Maniac World’ is out for the world to download and dig their Dixie-jazz infused sound.

With Jon on vocals and guitar, The Good For Nothin’ band is made up of multi-instrumentalists Alex Massa and Russell Ramirez, along with Evan Paydon on bass, and Brenda Michael Bull on drums. Listen to the Big Blend Radio interview Jon Roniger and see The Good For Nothin’ Band featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine.

See The Good For Nothin’ Band in Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine!  



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