The Gunboat Diplomats: Fine State of Affairs



Based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Gunboat Diplomats are known for their melodic music that’s rich in harmonies and rocks a distinctive vintage vibe. Along with some lively chit-chat about bourbon, history and movies, “Gunboat Smith” talks about their latest album Fine State Of Affairs, and the new singles from their upcoming album, Manifest Destiny on Big Blend Radio


Featuring songs for lonely hearts, obsessive lovers, and hopeless romantics, Fine State of Affairs serves up a delicious menu of musical flavors. The album kicks off with the island styled title track Fine State Of Affairs and leads you straight into the bluesy rocker Standup Guy, and into the dark world of Obsessive Love. Get a scoop of Beatles inspiration with Sweet Abiding Love and chill out to the reggae grooves of Something on My Mind, stomp it up rockabilly style with Crazy About You and balance it out with the gospel inspired A Lullaby. When it comes to that dizzying world of love and romance, turn to The Gunboat Diplomats to steer you through those choppy waters emotion with a toe tappin’ rollicking good time!

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