Threads Around the World



Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with Deb Brandon who discusses her beautiful new book, “Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe.”

In “Threads Around the World: From Arabian Weaving to Batik in Zimbabwe,” author Deb Brandon weaves together the stories of 25 diverse world cultures by showcasing their unique take on textile art.

Using original methods, modern fiber artists continue an age-old tradition of cultural story-telling. “Threads Around the World” examines everything from espadrilles to mirror embroidery, and offers well-researched context on the histories behind the wall-hangings.

Brandon –– a weaver, writer and mathematics professor at Carnegie Mellon University –– is a decade-long contributor to Weave A Real Peace (WARP), a nonprofit networking organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of textile artisans in communities in need. Her enthusiasm for the craft and its community brings an open-eyed understanding of textile arts, appealing not only to textile devotees but also to those interested in understanding diverse cultures through heritage crafts.

“The essays touch briefly on technique but this is not a how-to book,” Brandon says. “The focus is on the beauty, artistry, and people who create these traditional textiles.”

Her other books include the memoir “But My Brain Had Other Ideas,” which follows Brandon’s brain injury story all the way through to long-term recovery, revealing without sugar-coating or sentimentality, her struggles and ultimate triumph. Her essays have appeared in several publications, including Hand/Eye Magazine and Weaving Today. More at  

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