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Make your Time at Home count and Get Great Trips for Free!

By Linda Ballou

BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: On this episode of Big Blend Radio, travel writer and author Linda Ballou discusses her travel writing career and best-selling new handbook that’s designed for travel writer wannabes, “Get Great Trips for Free: Make Travel Writing Work for You.” Hear her interview podcast on,,, or, listen to the whole show (with other guest segments) on

Successful people position themselves to succeed. In this handbook I provide a road map for “Travel Writer Wannabes”.   Often people tell me I am lucky.  I do feel lucky that I have been hosted on fabulous trips around the globe. But, I worked hard to get lucky!  Because of my travel writing skills I have enjoyed fabulous trips with like-minded travelers to exotic locales around the globe.

Since being gifted with downtime that allows me to focus on my writing, I created this book to help those who have asked me how I get great trips.  This guide takes readers on the fast track to getting them to their dream destinations. Most travel writing books tell you to query magazine editors with your story ideas in hopes of obtaining an assignment letter. I do the opposite of what is suggested. I go to the outfitter I would like to host me show them what I can do for them first. Then, I go to the magazine editor to place my story. This saves time and energy and gets you on the fast track to wonderful adventure.  In this handbook I tell what you need to do make travel writing work for you.

Don’t waste this time. Use it to create your writing platform. You need a web page and clips of articles. Use what may be a year before the travel industry is up and running to your advantage. Position yourself to approach tour companies with a professional media kit. They will need ways to re-vitalize their businesses and you could be the answer.

I created a website dedicated to my travels. It is a simple format with lots of images and links through to my articles. I have my two other travel books listed on that site as well. Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales is a spirited collection of my most memorable journeys,  Lost Angel in Paradise details my 32-day trips up the coast of California, and Get Great Trips for Free is listed there as well.

I share more travel tips in my YouTube Playlist –Travel Tips for Travel Writer Wannabes. Presently, there are eight videos, but I will be sharing more as I go along. I am constantly learning and upgrading my own presentation. My wings are clipped for the time being and that is a frustration as I love to travel. But, being grounded allows me the time to mine my journals for ideas and submit my stories to new sources.

Dare to dream and be willing to do the work that will get you to your destination.

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Blessed with a double dose of genetic wanderlust, Linda Ballou loves to explore. At thirteen her pioneering parents took her to Alaska where she became firmly grounded in nature. Linda’s articles have appeared in American Fitness, Northwest Travel Magazine, and Morning Calm the inflight magazine for Korean Air. She is a regular contributor to Travel World and Real Travel Adventure–both prominent e-zines. Over the last decade, she has kayaked from island to island in the Sea of Cortez, hiked, biked and kayaked around New Zealand and Costa Rica, and ridden on horseback into the untrammeled mountains of the wild west of North America and Ecuador. Visit Linda Ballou at

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Linda’s articles have appeared in American Fitness, Northwest Travel Magazine, and Morning Calm the inflight magazine for Korean Air.

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