UK Solo Artist Tim Arnold: Super Connected Album



On this episode of Big Blend Radio, UK solo artist Tim Arnold talks about his new concept album SUPER CONNECTED about social media, big tech and mental health, which culminated in Arnold’s unexpected diagnosis of autism. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on Acast.

“Super Connected” lifts a magnifying glass up to the technology vs. humanity debate. Conceived with guidance from Arnold’s mentors Kevin Godley and the late Lindsay Kemp, the album fuses tech addiction, consumerism, family trauma, and compassion for those affected by screen dependency into 12 new songs. Produced by Arnold with additional production from Jethro Tull bassist Jonathan Noyce, it spans an elective mix of genres, and includes a vocal cameo from actor Stephen Fry on Track 6 “A Commercial Break”.


Similar to the theatrical style of his 2015 album “The Soho Hobo” (BBC Radio London Album Of The Year), Arnold wrote “Super Connected” ‘in character’. Each song is sung from the perspective of different people, each with a unique mental disorder. Five years into the project, Arnold was unexpectedly diagnosed with his own real-life disorder, Autism.


SUPER CONNECTED is also a feature length film drama directed by Arnold in collaboration with the designers of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and Kate Bush’s “The Line, The Cross and The Curve.”


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