Vacation Station Travel Magazine – Summer 2023



“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” Frank Borman


How exciting to see travel and summer events back in full swing, sparking our curiosity, feeding our wanderlust, and boosting community pride and the economy.

This issue will whet your globetrotting appetite with stories and podcast conversations covering international travel such as camel riding in Jordan to scuba diving in Crete, an epic cruise from Venice to Cape Town, visiting the “Top of Europe” in Switzerland to a family history adventure in Scandinavia, and touring England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Ready for a road trip through North America? Check out our features on the Jefferson Highway, a historic vacation route between Winnipeg, Canada, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Plus, we shine the spotlight on destinations in California and the Pacific Northwest; Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico in the Southwest; Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina in the Southeast; and Upstate New York.

Enjoy the magazine below or get it directly on and, come join travel conversation in our Parks & Travel Facebook Group!



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