Vandoliers: Ameri-Kinda


Debut Album: “Ameri-Kinda”


Joshua Fleming, lead singer and frontman of Dallas-Fort Worth based band Vandoliers, an alt-country group with punk roots, talks with Big Blend Radio about their rockin’ new album ‘Ameri-Kinda.’

Punk and folk aren’t two words often spoken closely together, unless you’re talking about Vandoliers. An alt-country band with punk roots, Vandoliers seamlessly blends influences from two very different worlds on their new album, Ameri-Kinda, now out on State Fair Records. Featured in the winter 2017 issue of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, the new album from the Dallas-Fort Worth based band is an eclectic mix – with lead singer Joshua Fleming’s background, rock influences are evident, as well as Tejano and bluegrass, amidst anthems about hitting the highway, draining beer bottles, rallying against your opponents and, occasionally, dropping acid.  Vandoliers are certainly telling a rock and roll story, but with a twist; delivered with a wink of the eye and a bang of the head. It’s twang and tattoos, grit and guitars, honky-tonk and horns, Tejano and Telecasters.

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