Way Back When Magazine – Fall/Winter 2022-23



“If you want to understand today you have to search yesterday.” Pearl S. Buck

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Big Blend’s WAY BACK WHEN Magazine, focusing on history, heritage, and culture. We’ve been hosting the Big Blend Radio WAY BACK WHEN podcast for over 15 years, and now it’s time to add this magazine to our growing portfolio of digital Big Blend Magazines. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good, juicy gossip story? Isn’t that what history is all about? Who did what, how, where, and why? 

A common favorite activity around the world is family history research. Who knows where that rabbit hole can lead to … maybe across the sea to a foreign land? There’s nothing like experiencing history in person. Whether it’s staying in a historic hotel, visiting a battlefield, a graveyard, or an ancient ruin site, it’s a form of time travel, connecting our soul and senses with the past…and maybe even with our ancestors. 

From England to Holland and around North and South America, this first issue delves into the deep and murky waters of historic ships, maritime history, mutiny, and the engineering of bridges. And as we creep into the dark and chilly winter season, we thought you’d appreciate the features covering haunted destinations, historic cemeteries, and some wild ghost stories! Expert and author interviews are plentiful with conversations that range from battle strategy and World War II to the craft of walking sticks, espionage and slavery, missing people, and political turmoil. 

Here’s to Shaping a Better Tomorrow by Understanding Yesterday!

Read the magazine below or on Issuu.com and keep up with all things Big Blend here: https://linktr.ee/BigBlend

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