Youth Success Week 2018




Big Blend Radio spotlight on Youth Success Week 2018 in Oceanside, California. Featured guests include CAYS Co-founders Bobbi DePorter – Co-Founder of SuperCamp and President of Quantum Learning Network and Stedman Graham – CEO of Stedman and Associates, plus, Helice “Sparky” Bridges – Founder of Blue Ribbons Worldwide, and students Ariana Tahmas and Drako Alva.  Music featured on the show is “Dream Big” and “Captain America” by singer-songwriter Nicki Kris.


Youth Success Week was created by the Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS), a community partnership supporting and inspiring students to discover their purpose and explore their success. Designed to engage and catalyze the entire community on matters related to the success and well-being of their youth, Youth Success Week brings together visionary educators, student and community leaders, professional experts, youth-serving organizations, entertainers, parents and students in an unprecedented demonstration of how a community can come together and put its children first.

The core goals for Youth Success Week, an annual event where students express what success means to them personally, are to enable:
– Students to discover their Purpose – provides self-worth, and direction and meaning to setting personal goals and to aligning academic interests;
– Students to obtain relevant skills – aligned with their Purpose, which makes them relevant to the future job market and beyond what education provides today;
– The community to come together – schools, teachers, families, businesses, and local organizations in collaboration supporting students to succeed.

By achieving these goals, we provide students with a much more meaningful future and build stronger communities where people support each other – the result is a better world for everyone!

Youth Success Week is a national replicable model. Learn more at

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