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Heart Healthy Eating

Heart Healthy Eating

HEART HEALTHY EATING By Jacqueline A. Eubany, MD, FACC FHRS, author of ‘Women & Heart Disease: The Real Story’   Dr. Jacqueline Eubany, board certified cardiologist and electro-physiolo

Heart Disease Risk Factors for Women

HEART DISEASE RISK FACTORS FOR WOMEN By Dr. Jacqueline Eubany   From chronic kidney disease and diabetes mellitus to smoking, high blood pressure and obesity, on this episode of Big Blend Radio

Cholesterol and Heart Health

CHOLESTEROL & HEART HEALTH Dr. Jacqueline Eubany joins Big Blend Radio to discuss cholesterol and how it affects heart health. Cholesterol is an important substance in the body needed for normal

Women’s Heart Health - Facts You Need to Know

WOMEN’S HEART HEALTH: FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW Heart disease is the number one cause of death in women in the US. It kills more women than lung and breast cancer combined. Symptoms of heart attack in