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Todd Mosby

Guitarist Todd Mosby: Open Waters

GUITARIST TODD MOSBY: OPEN WATERS World-renowned, Indian, Jazz, New Age, Contemporary crossover artist and co-creator of the Imrat guitar, Todd Mosby, chats with Big Blend Radio about his recently re
5000 The Band

5000 The Band

5000 THE BAND This episode of Big Blend Radio features 5000 The Band, a guitar duo based in Denver, Colorado that includes lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Meghann Jordan and lead guitar part
Propaganda Man - Jack Spann

Jack Spann: Propaganda Man

JACK SPANN: PROPAGANDA MAN Acclaimed keyboardist Jack Spann talks with Big Blend Radio about his third album “Propaganda Man” and plays a fun round of Spontuneous, The Song Game!   Jack Span
Ryan David Orr - Kaden Hollow

Ryan David Orr: Kaden Hollow

RYAN DAVID ORR: KADEN HOLLOW Arizona-based singer-songwriter Ryan David Orr talks with Big Blend Radio about his new album “Kaden Hollow” and plays a fun round of Spontuneous “The Song Game!”
Jimmy Hessian

Jimmy Yessian: The Future

JIMMY YESSIAN: THE FUTURE Singer-songwriter Jimmy Yessian chats with Big Blend Radio about his third new album “The Future,” that he co-produced with Jeff Kossack. From the first tune “Any Le
Wally Lawder-Not Enough Time

Wally Lawder: Not Enough Time

WALLY LAWDER: NOT ENOUGH TIME On this Big Blend Radio segment, Tucson, Arizona based singer-songwriter Wally Lawder discusses “Not Enough Time,” his sixth CD of original material, which is also hi
Sean Norton - FraudProfits

FraudProphets: PopTosis

FRAUDPROPHETS: POPTOSIS On this episode of Big Blend Radio’s Happy Hour show, musician / composer Sean Halley chats about Poptosis, the new Fraudprophets album. Fraudprophets, a collaboration bet
Locate Your Lips

Locate Your Lips: For Kenny

LOCATE YOUR LIPS: FOR KENNY Guitarist / producer Jim Eannelli talks with Big Blend Radio about the world release of the lost album by the mid-1980s Milwaukee power trio Locate Your Lips. During the
Jeffrey Halford and The Healers

Jeffrey Halford and The Healers: West Towards South

JEFFREY HALFORD & THE HEALERS: WEST TOWARDS SOUTH   Soulful, blues-influenced storyteller, Jeffrey Halford who fronts his band The Healers, talks with Big Blend Radio about their ninth album,

Prog Rock Keyboardist Andrew Colyer

PROG ROCK KEYBOARDIST ANDREW COLYER From his start in music to touring with Robert Berry, enjoy this Big Blend Radio ‘Happy Hour’ conversation with prog rock keyboardist extraordinaire, Andrew Co

Eliot Lewis: Adventure

ELIOT LEWIS: ADVENTURE Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eliot Lewis talks with Big Blend Radio about his music career and latest album “Adventure.” Eliot Lewis is a key member of the

41POINT9: Mr. Astute Trousers

41POINT9: MR. ASTUTE TROUSERS Bob Madsen and Brian Cline of 41POINT9 chat with Big Blend Radio about their eagerly awaited new album “Mr. Astute Trousers.” Hammer meets anvil and the sparks fly.