Colin Edwin, Jon Durant, Inna Kovtun




This episode of Big Blend Radio features guitarist Jon Durant. Following their critically acclaimed, long-running instrumental collaboration Burnt Belief, Colin Edwin (bass) and Jon Durant (guitars) have joined forces again on their new self-titled album, along with pre-eminent Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun.



It’s no mistake that the album cover image features a bridge, as the band draws on their past experiences to blending seemingly unrelated musical environments. In particular, listeners will discover traditional Ukrainian and Slavic folk elements alongside slices of modern electronica, prog rock, and a full range of deep atmospherics. The resulting album showcases an unfamiliar but highly captivating sonic landscape supported by Durant’s innovative approach to the guitar.

“Ukrainian music is sadly under-represented around the world,” says Durant. “It’s a strong culture that goes back over a thousand years, and much of western Europe and America have no idea about it. We’ve tried to bring some of these wonderful ancient melodies to a new life, using modern production and creative ideas, all the while keeping the song forms accessible.”

With artfully assembled soundscapes complementing Inna Kovtun’s evocative vocals, this material sometimes shares an emotional character with groups like Dead Can Dance or The Cocteau Twins. Album highlights include the earthy and primal “Harvest,” which develops from a heavy, percolating rhythm to an urgent, insistent bassline punctuated by traditional Ukrainian wind instruments. “Walking Wheel” showcases an expansive melodic vista built around an exceptional vocal arrangement by Kovtun.

This otherworldly and propulsive album is a distinctive take on ancient folk music, with the artists displaying a unique and fresh approach to timeless themes and ideas. More at


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