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BIG BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW: This episode features author Pat McKee who discusses his action-packed legal thriller “Ariel’s Island”. Listen or download the podcast on,,,

Humanity’s understanding regarding the limits and powers of artificial intelligence is woefully incomplete. Our collective lack of knowledge surrounding AI is what makes it one of the most pregnant and fascinating subjects to explore in fiction. Among the unanswered questions Pat McKee explores in “Ariel’s Island” the most pressing remains, Can artificial intelligence learn morality?

When attorney Paul McDaniel is framed for the murder of a judge, he enlists Ariel, a female-presenting AI program, to help clear his name. Yet Ariel’s lack of a moral code and Paul’s inability to guide her result in disaster as Ariel changes from an able assistant to something far more sinister. What will happen when Paul puts his trust in technology? And will he survive when his emotions combine with an already volatile mix?

Pat McKee’s action-packed legal thriller takes the reader on an odyssey that reinterprets Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Brimming with the contemporary magic of AI, McKee crafts a perfect storm modernizing the classic tale of Prospero, a castaway sorcerer, the spiteful creature, Caliban, and Ariel, the air spirit. “Ariel’s Island” blends literary mythos with contemporary issues, all set within a future time period that may arrive soon – or may already be here.

Orphaned at age 13, Pat McKee moved from Florida to Clinton, South Carolina with his younger siblings. There, they arrived at Thornwell Orphanage where Pat learned the value of education and the importance of hard work and leadership. Pat went on to study at Presbyterian College, Georgia State University, and Emory University School of Law. Pat later founded the law firm McKee & Barge where he represents educators and educational institutions. Always a lover of the written word, Pat decided in 2010 to enroll in the Masters of Professional Writing Program at Kennesaw State University where he combined his legal knowledge with imaginative storytelling and a newly sharpened writing technique. A member of the Atlanta Writers Club, Pat was awarded the honor of Best Manuscript Sample for “Ariel’s Island” in both 2017 and 2018. When Pat isn’t writing legal thrillers, he’s spending time with his wife in their Georgia home, or visiting their two children and their granddaughter. To learn more about Pat McKee’s life and work, visit  


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A member of the Atlanta Writers Club, Pat was awarded the honor of Best Manuscript Sample for “Ariel’s Island” in both 2017 and 2018.

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