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World-renowned, Indian, Jazz, New Age, Contemporary crossover artist and co-creator of the Imrat guitar, Todd Mosby, chats with Big Blend Radio about his recently released album ‘Open Waters’.


Todd Mosby invites us into his realm, one in which creativity knows no bounds nor borders. Like a master chef hunting for the best ingredients to cook a delectable meal, maestro Mosby has no compunction selecting the most ripened ideas and seasoned artists to feature on “Open Waters.” The 13 track album is a Will Ackerman/Tom Eaton production featuring Michael Manring, Charlie Bisharat,  Jeff Haynes (among others).


“Open Waters” is a concept album depicting an archtype voyage from the floodwaters of Atlantis to a New Land, this album traverses genres including, New Age, Jazz, Pop, and Folk. It also features the acoustic and electric Imrat Guitar, the only instrument of its kind in the world (co-invented by Mosby, Shwartz & Khan), and highlighted in a number of musical settings.

Mosby states: “This album crosses the full spectrum of the music I have performed and know intimately…from Indian Rag to traditional Jazz to the Police.  It’s a concept album based upon the story of Atlantis (Plato’s story about the destruction of the ancient civilization), and what survivors may have felt as they escaped from the deluge in ships heading westward.”

Coming from a family of inventors, Mosby’s early musical DNA was formed from his love of Bluegrass and Folk music, which eventually expanded into Fusion and Jazz. While a college student, Mosby began studying Indian music [namely classical North Indian music], which led to the genre’s incorporation into his music, and sparked the creation of the Imrat guitar [a 20 stringed hybrid sitar guitar musical bridge instrument that allows Western musicians to access Eastern melodies and Eastern musicians to access Western harmonies for the first time]. After 13 years of study with Imrat Khan, Mosby became the only guitarist ever admitted into the Imdhad Khani Gharana, India’s most prestigious family of musicians. 

With more than several accolades and collaborations during his very active career, Mosby has either shared the stage with, or opened up for such luminaries as Michael Manring, Imrat Khan, Foreplay, Spyro Gyra, and several others. He has performed around the world including, Kravis Center (West Palm Beach, FL), The Harris Center (Modesto, CA), Soka University (Aliso Vieja, CA), and many others.

Speaking again on the conceptual nature of the project, Mosby says: “This is what I consider an archetype model as well for anyone journeying from one country to another, one city to another or even leaving planet earth to journey into interstellar space for colonization on new worlds. My mission as an artist is to connect with audiences at the spiritual, emotional and physical levels and as such, change lives.”

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