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ON BIG BLEND RADIO: Award-winning Brazilian author Heloisa Prieto discusses her magical new novel, “The Musician.” Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean.

Sway to the beat of beauty and poetry in “The Musician” (Dec 13, 2022, Koehler Books) a new YA novel by multi award-winning Brazilian author, Heloisa Prieto. With over 2 million books sold in Brazil, Prieto is already a household name. But her long-standing success hasn’t stopped her from dazzling her readers with lyrical prose and spell-binding stories. With The Musician, she will debut her first English-written story within the US, uniting Brazilian mythology and the Guarani culture in a magical setting.

With the success of her Mano series in Brazil, Prieto’s books are no stranger to the limelight. Famous for her Mano series that was adapted into the 2011 International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults (FICI) award-winning film, “The Best Things in the World”, Prieto approaches her newest story in a different way creating a timeless and magical coming-of-age story filled with poetry, romance, and mystery.

It follows a young Thomas whose only companions are the musical creatures only he can see. As a famous musician, he’s able to hide the lingering pain of his childhood using music as a form of connecting with the rest of the world. But when people find out about his magical creatures, they plan to steal it for themselves through seduction. With the help of Marlui, a young Guarani shaman, Thomas must face down his demons in this offbeat love triangle.

HELOISA PRIETO is one of Brazil’s most celebrated children and YA authors. She has sold over two million books in her native country. Her Mano series of YA novels inspired the Time Warner movie The Best Things in the World. She recently published 1,002 Ghosts, and her book Viajantes do Vento was selected for the PNLD Public-Book Purchasing Programme, the biggest of its kind in the world.  She has spent a lifetime researching myths and legends–both ancient and modern–and organizing and curating collections of cross-cultural interest. She has created and organized numerous creative writing workshops for children, teenages, and adults. Heloisa also has a PhD in French literature (University of São Paulo) and a master’s degree in semiotics (Catholic University of São Paulo). Find out more about her at https://www.themusician.info/

The Musician

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HELOISA PRIETO is one of Brazil’s most celebrated children and YA authors

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