The Three BEs to Being Your Authentic Self at Work


By Shelley Whizin


ON BIG BLEND RADIO: On this episode of the new “Soul Diving Sunday with Shelley,” transformational life coach Shelley Whizin shares the importance of being your authentic self, and how her 3-BE formula will help you at any time, and in any place. Watch here in the YouTube player or download the podcast on PodBean.


Being authentic at work means being true to yourself as an individual. It’s knowing who you are, what you need, and what you want, and being unafraid to stand up for yourself in a heartfelt way. If a co-worker says something that offends you, you don’t need to laugh it off or ignore it, as if it’s nothing. Be open about how you feel, and explain why the statement was off-putting to you, coming from your heart.

So, how do you check in with yourself? The 3-BE formula will help you at any time in any place.

The 3-BEs (BElieving, BEhavior, BEcoming):

  1. BEliefs dictate your experiences, no matter what. Identify what beliefs are running you that make you feel bad.
  2. BEhavior is directly tied to what you believe. Notice what language you use. Is it limiting, hurting, or is it uplifting and encouraging?
  3. BEcoming who you are is directly tied to how you behave. When you are aware of your behavior, you can change who you become.

You can use my 3-step Change Formula (Awareness, Choice, Action) to change all beliefs or behaviors that are running you.

Being aware of the thoughts you think and the language you use gives you an opportunity to see what you believe about any situation and your behavior. It’s your choice from there. Then, it’s up to you to take an action to get the wheels in motion.

The 3 BEs set the tone of your life at work.

Some people go to work just to collect a paycheck, instead of having a purpose. What if your whole purpose in life was to enjoy yourself in whatever you do? That may seem far-fetched, especially being a professional, but what if it was to contribute your talents, skills, and gifts and have them received?

You have your own mission/vision for your professional life. Take the time to create a personal development plan within the organization you are currently in. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish in your life. When you envision something, you’d love doing, and accept the notion that “this is just what it looks like on the way,” then you feel in alignment with your vision and have more patience with the timing.

To determine if you are being authentic at work, you can ask yourself a series of questions:

  • What values/beliefs/qualities do you value the most?
  • Does your organization share the values/beliefs/qualities you believe in?
  • Is their integrity level the same as yours?
  • Have you compromised your values for the sake of the job?
  • Can you pinpoint what it is you are not satisfied with?
  • When you go to work, does your personality change?
  • Do you believe being a hard ass is the “only” way you are going to be successful?
  • Do you believe collaborating is a sign of weakness?
  • Do you want to change the way you feel at work to make it a joyful experience?

When you BEcome conscious of what you believe, you are more aware of how you behave. You can then take responsibility for your part in your experience.

Taking responsibility for what YOU bring to your table at work frees you to become the human being/professional you want to be. It’s a more fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful experience. You get to be authentically YOU, that confident, conscientious, competent professional you want to BE.

When you are not conscious of the 3 BEs, you can go on automatic, accepting that everything is “just the way it is” and resign yourself to living a less-than-wonderful work life.
In summary, you can be your authentic self at work, just as you are at home, just with different skill sets. Be proud of what you bring to the table of your life. Stand up for the quality of life you desire. Choose a company that aligns with your values. Shares your vision, gifts, talents, and skills with your co-workers.

It’s your life. Enjoy the journey. And remember to bring love into everything you do.

Shelley Whizin is a transformational life coach and the founder and CEO of the Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI), established to study and teach the art and science of Being Human.  She’s also the author of “The Healing Journal”, “The Story of the Magical Baby Grand Piano”, and “What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life”. More at


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About the Author:

Shelley Whizin is a transformational life coach and the founder and CEO of the Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI), established to study and teach the art and science of Being Human.

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